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For the third and final year of my course at Cambridge, doing (Human) Geography, I had to present a 10,000-word dissertation on a subject of mine own choosing.

Being generally interested in transport, and because of debates going on nationally and locally, I decided to do the dissertation on Cambridge's park and ride system.

'Park and Ride' - sustainable transport or expensive white elephant?



For the Acrobat version, the file is about 1.3Mb to download, which will take about 6 minutes on a reasonably modern modem. To read it you will need the Acrobat Reader program, which can be downloaded free from Adobe's website.

Please note that the Acrobat format necessarily compromises slightly on image quality, due to compression in order to make the file quicker to download. Some of the photographs, for instance, looked a bit washed out. Please also note that there are other minor presentation changes, e.g. the front page font is different.

I also have a professionally-bound copy which I am willing to show people in person or possibly lend. Contact me if you are interested.