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I'm a 28-year old living in Cambridge, England.

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I live in Cambridge, which is 'home', although I've lived in Kingston-Upon-Thames (in Surrey/London) for most of my life, so that's where I like to think I'm from. My parents now live in Milton Keynes (but were in Aylesbury beforehand, briefly). I went to Tiffin School which is a state grammar school in Kingston, and which is great.

Former Choral Scholar

During my time at King's, as well as a student (supposedly), I was also an alto choral scholar in the world-famous Choir of King's College, Cambridge. You may have seen me on TV at Christmas and on recent CDs! This was something I enjoyed much, although I feel that three years of it was about the right length of time. The requirement to be in chapel every day for two hours at a fixed time meant that other activities or freedom were to some extent curtailed, and for various reasons it wasn't all rosy. Anyway, have a look at a few of my photos from times in the choir.


From June 2000 until July 2001, my employment was at Cambridge University Students' Union, as the Services Officer. This was a full-time, (badly) paid post, which involved both being the administrative head of department, effectively a bursar, and also being in charge of the provision of student services. You might be interested to see information about what the position entailed. I enjoyed it a great deal.

There was a great deal to sort out during the year because the department had become very run down, administratively, over previous years. This is not really through any fault of my predecessors, rather that the department's activities have expanded far faster than it has really been able to cope with. I therefore put in place a series of long-term reforms to address these problems. My CV (see above) has more information.


I studied Geography at King's, a very interesting and relevant subject, or at least the parts of the course that I did were.

In my first-year I was doing music but I changed course and found the geography much more interesting. The sort of geography I did was mainly human geography- i.e. political science, citizenship, environment, etc., and not physical geography (erosion, landforms, etc.) which is what everyone seems to think geography is always about. The scope of my course was so wide that I could probably have gone to relevant lectures in the departments of: economics, history, social and political sciences, land economy, and social anthropology.

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