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Welcome to my selection of photos, most recent first. Within each page, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.

More photos from 2006/7 to be added in due course.


Glastonbury Festival 2007
Glastonbury Festival 2007. (Warning: 170 photos, so may take a while to load!)


May Bumps 2006
[NEW] Some riparian entertainment - Cambridge University's May Bumps.
Dot Cotton - May 2006
[NEW] Photos from Dot Cotton nightclub in May 2006.
Samba in Paris, 2006
[NEW] Arco Iris samba band on tour in Paris again.
A trip back to Lincoln in April 2006.
Easter Day at King's
A walk through King's after the Easter morning service.
Brodowski Quartet
The Brodowski Quartet, playing a stunning concert at Madingley Hall, April 2006.
Sunday Spitalfields Market
Spitalfields Market on Sunday - a melting pot of culture and history.
Heaven, London, March
Another trip down to Heaven, London, March 2006.
Emma Choir in St Albans
Singing in St Albans, February 2006.
A (rather cold) trip to Brighton in February 2006.
Heaven, London, February
Clubbing at Heaven, London, in February 2006.
Dot Cotton - January 2006
Photos from Dot Cotton nightclub in January 2006.


Birthday weekend 2005
Clubbing and stuff for my birthday in October 2005.
Chariots of Fire
Cambridge's annual charity running race, Chariots of Fire.
Clubbing and stuff with friends in Manchester, September 2005.
Summer party
A summer party at Lee's.
Tallis at the Proms 2005
The Sixteen performing works by Thomas Tallis, at the Proms, 2005.
British Museum
Mine and David's visit to the British Museum in London.
Pink Picnic 2005
Cambridge's third Pink Picnic - Pink2005.
Best friend
Me and my best friend, Dicky, visiting Cambridge.
Jane's 50th
Photos from Jane's 50th birthday bash.
Big Gay Out
Photos from the Big Gay Out in July 2005, in Finsbury Park.
Emma College Choir tour to Germany
Our tour to Munich and Hildesheim.
Glastonbury Festival 2005
Glastonbury Festival 2005. (Warning: 100 photos, so may take a while to load!)
Trinity May Ball fireworks
Trinity May Ball's fireworks, and the outflow of punts afterwards!
Chetwynd Society Garden Party
Photos from the Chetwynd Society Garden Party 2005.
May Bumps 2005
Some riparian entertainment - Cambridge University's May Bumps.
Strawberry Fair 2005
Arco Iris samba band at Strawberry Fair 2005.
Samba in Paris
Arco Iris samba band on tour in Paris.
Chetwynd Society 1500th meeting
Antics from the Chetwynd Society's 1500th meeting.
Samba busking for amnesty
Arco Iris samba band busking for Amnesty in the Market Square.
Cambridge Capoeira
Capoeira in the Market Square in May 2005.
MA Graduation (class of 1998)
Friends from College in the year below me getting their MA Cantab.
King's College, Cambridge
Photos from the grounds of King's College, Cambridge.
General Election 2005
Pictures from the count in 2005.
Weekend of birthday celebrations in Cardiff.
Dot Cotton - March 2005
Photos from Dot Cotton nightclub in March 2005.
King's College Choir Founder's Day 2005
Founder's Day, when all the old queens return for the day ...
Popstarz and London
Photos from Popstarz nightclub and a trip into London the day after.
Dot Cotton - January 2005
Photos from Dot Cotton nightclub in January 2005.
New Year 2005
New Year's Eve 2004/5 party at Si's.


Ready, Steady, Cook!
Our very own Ready, Steady, Cook!
Dot Cotton
Photos from Dot Cotton, a monthly LBG club in Cambridge.
Gay Pride 2004
London Pride 2004.
Chetwynd Society Garden Party
Photos from the Chetwynd Society Garden Party 2004.
Samba at King's June Event 2004
Samba at King's June Event 2004.
Birmingham Pride weekend 2004
Highlight of my year - Birmingham Pride weekend 2004.
Punting 2004
Punting on the Cam with friends in 2004.
Pink Punting
Pink Punting, an OUT-organised event.
Balata Project
Photos from the first showing of a new film and exhibition on The Balata Project
Glastonbury Festival 2004
Glastonbury Festival 2004.
One World Week samba
Photos of Arco Iris samba band playing for the launch of One World Week 2004


ArcoIris at 10
ArcoIris samba band's tenth birthday party!
Emma Choir dinner
Emmanuel College Choir dinner 2003.
Glastonbury Festival 2003
Glastonbury Festival 2003.
Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival 2003
A weekend singing in Ripon Cathedral.
A recent punting trip down the Cam.
Gay Pride 2003
London Pride 2003.
SAS Choir in Salisbury
SAS Choir in Salisbury!
Samba at Queens'
Fireworks and Samba at Queens' May Ball 2003.
Snowy Day
A snowy day in Cambridge, January 2003.
'Stop The War' critical mass
Stop The War critical mass and protest in Cambridge, March 2003.
Samba at Pembroke
Samba at Pembroke June Event / May Ball.


A trip to Lincoln.
Stop The War protest
Stop The War protest on 29th September, 2002.
Playing in Cambridge's local community [Brazilian] samba band.


September 11th
A somewhat lesser-reported event on September 11th, 2001.
Friends and experiences from the C.U.S.U. where I worked.
Stuff from recent summers.
P&P garden party
People & Planet's garden party and punt excursion.
May Day
Peaceful protest in London, May Day 2001.


World tour
King's College Choir's world tour 2000.
My graduation.
Glastonbury Festival 2000
Glastonbury Festival 2000.
Millennium Dome
Visit to the Millenium Dome.
Various protests.
Choir events
A few photos from when I was in King's College Choir.
Coll Reg
Collegium Regale tours and concerts from a few years ago.
Garden parties
Garden parties at the end of various academic years.
As it says.
Tiffin School
Events from visits back to my secondary school, Tiffin School.


Best friend
Me and my best friend, Dicky.
A few 'classic' photos of King's College, Cambridge.
A visit to Cornwall at the time of the eclipse 1999.
Reclaim the streets
Cambridge Reclaim the Streets party.
May ball
St John's May Ball.


King's College Choir summer tour of 1998 to Australia.
Critical mass
A London critical mass (a sort of cyclists' protest against traffic).
Photos while cycling around the Glastonbury area.