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Arco Iris samba

Samba in Paris, 2006
[NEW] Arco Iris samba band on tour in Paris.
Jane's 50th
[NEW] Photos from Jane's 50th birthday bash.
Strawberry Fair 2005
[NEW] Arco Iris samba band at Strawberry Fair 2005.
Samba in Paris
[NEW] Arco Iris samba band on tour in Paris.
Samba busking for amnesty
[NEW] Arco Iris samba band busking for Amnesty in the Market Square.
Samba at King's June Event 2004
Samba at King's June Event 2004.
One World Week samba
Photos of Arco Iris samba band playing for the launch of One World Week 2004
ArcoIris at 10
ArcoIris samba band's tenth birthday party!
Samba at Queens'
Fireworks and Samba at Queens' May Ball 2003.
Samba at Pembroke
Samba at Pembroke June Event / May Ball.
Playing in Cambridge's local community [Brazilian] samba band.

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